MAT 150A: Modern Algebra


Office hours

Here are the office hours for Sections A01, A02, C01, and C02 of MAT 150A:

Instructor OH:
F 11-12, 3-4 in MSB 2145

M 10-12 in ACAD SRGE 1029
T 10-11, 12-1 in ACAD SRGE 1029

Course information

[MAT 150A Course Syllabus]

[MAT 150A Class Calendar]

The class calendar is my personal lesson planning calendar. Lesson plans are subject to change.

Course instructor: Dr. Melissa Zhang, MSB 2145

Instructor office hours: MSB 2145, Fridays 11-12 and 3-4

Teaching assistants (TAs): Ian Sullivan (A01, A02) and Trevor Oliveira-Smith (C01, C02)

TA office hours:
M 10-12 in ACAD SRGE 1029
T 10-11, 12-1 in ACAD SRGE 2142


HW08 due 12/05/23


HW07 due 11/28/23


HW06 due 11/21/23


HW05 due 11/7/23


HW04 due 10/31/23


HW03 due 10/24/23


HW02 due 10/17/23


HW01 due 10/10/23


HW00 (Optional, not graded)

Here are my solutions for HW00, along with the .tex file, for your reference. In the future, I'll just post a PDF of abridged solutions. [HW00solns.pdf] [HW00solns.tex]

This is not graded, though I encourage you to make sure you can do it. The purpose of this homework is just to get you set up to TeX your future homework solutions, and to make sure you can upload your homeworks to Gradescope.

You'll find a version of the following instructions at the top of the HW00 PDF:

Instructions. Create a free Overleaf account, and create a new project (e.g. "MAT150A-hw"). Upload the provided "HW00.tex" file for HW00, and click on it on the sidebar. Then, press the big green "compile" or "recompile" button at the top of the right half of your screen. You should then see the HW01 PDF show up on the right half of your screen.
There are two exercises in this HW. Type your solutions directly into the code, compiling every once in a while to admire your work. When you are done, press the download icon next to the recompile button to download your solutions as a PDF. Submit this PDF to Gradescope.

Reminder. Your homework submission must be typed up in full sentences, with proper mathematical formatting. The following resources may be useful as you learn to use TeX and Overleaf:

Exam Information

Final Exam

[Final Exam Information, v4]

You must attend the final exam with the section you are formally registered in:

Exam 2: Wednesday, November 15

[Exam 2 Information]
After you have tried the practice problems yourself, you can look at my solutions: [Exam 2 Practice Solutions]
[Exam 2 Solutions]

Exam 1: Wednesday, October 25

[Exam 1 Information]
[Exam 1 Solutions]


Lecture 29

This was final review; see [Exams].

[Lecture 28]

[Lecture 27]

[Lecture 26]

[Lecture 25]

[Lecture 24]

[Lecture 23]

[Lecture 22 notes]

[Lecture 21 notes]

This lecture will also be on the board. From the survey (Lecture 20 participation slips), a majority prefer more board-based lectures. In the future, I will continue to incorporate slides when necessary, but default to boardwork.

We will complete our discussion of the Crystallographic Restriction and then talk about HW06.

[Lecture 20 notes]

This lecture will be entirely on the board (no slides). I will post my personal notes the evening after class.

[Lecture 19 slides]

[Lecture 18 slides]

[Lecture 17 slides]

[Lecture 16 slides]

Here are the solutions to the example: [Lecture 16 Notes]

[Lecture 15 slides]

[Lecture 14 slides]

Here's the proof of the Correspondence Theorem: [Proof of Correspondence Theorem] This also contains a small example.

Lecture 13

This was Exam 1; the exam and solutions will be posted under "Exam Information" after everyone has taken the exam.

[Lecture 12 slides]

Most of the proofs from class are in the book. Here are my solutions: [Lecture 12 Solutions]

[Lecture 11 slides]

[Lecture 10 slides]

[Lecture 9 slides]

[Lecture 8 slides]

[Lecture 7 slides]

[Lecture 6 slides]

[Lecture 5 slides]

[Lecture 4 slides]

[Lecture 3 slides]

[Lecture 2 slides]

Here's a note about how to write the permutation p as a composition of transpositions:

[Lecture 1 slides]